Putting My Experience
to Work


Hey there! I'm Emily Garrick. Wife to Councilman Brad Garrick, Mom to a 2.5-year-old, step-mom to a young adult, volunteer, business owner, filmmaker, and former teacher.

As an educator, I taught in three public school systems including North Platte Public Schools, as well as at the collegiate level. I always thought I'd retire from teaching, but when my career started having negative effects on my own health and family, I had to make a choice. I resigned from teaching three years ago.

There's no denying that teaching is tough. Or that our school system has problems (problems that existed long before Covid19). Large numbers of teachers and students are leaving our district each year. It's time we start paying attention to why.

As a business owner in North Platte, I've grown a passion for this community and being involved in what happens here. I've served on boards, volunteered at events, and helped fundraise for our very own North Platte Community Build Playground.


My family cares deeply about North Platte. And I always knew I'd end up back in the world of education in some capacity in the hopes of making an impact. After recent events and concerns, I've realized that time is now.

I'm a mom. A conservative.

And I have the backbone and leadership skills needed to stand up and protect our children.


I'd appreciate your vote this May in the primary election.

High School Friends


The problems we are facing in North Platte Public Schools cannot be blamed solely on Covid19. In fact, most of those issues were around when I resigned as a teacher in 2019. If we want to fix our schools, we have to fix our culture. Why are students leaving our district? Why are teachers leaving our district? What are we going to do about it?

Raising Hands


I'm a strong supporter of a family's role and involvement in their children's health and what they're taught. I believe issues such as masking, vaccinating, and reading sexually explicit material in books should be made by the parents, not the schools. I stand firm against the proposed health standards, Critical Race Theory, and the indoctrination of our children.

Doing Homework


For the future of our children, it's imperative that we support teachers, children, and parents with issues such as behavior and mental health, alternative education programs, transportation, accountability, and ultimately, working together as a team to provide the best education possible.


“It’s really easy to stand on the sidelines and judge the decisions that are being made and wish things were different,” she said. “But to actually toss your name in the hat and give your time and your resources to do something about it is a whole different thing.”

"What I think is really important for people to realize is that these issues were here long before the pandemic ...  These problems have been rooted in our schools for decades ... Let's focus on the problems at hand right now but let's also look at where's the deeper issue coming from and how do we solve that?

"The National Education Association reports 55% of teachers are ready to leave the profession for good for a different job."


"These children do not belong to the Nebraska Department of Education. They belong to the parents."